Selects as its “Preferred Provider”

October 6, 2013 has recently recognised the technical excellence of the STAAH Channel Management system by including the solution in its Preferred Provider programme. The following release can be found on the website:

", one of the fastest growing providers of global connectivity and revenue management software, has been selected by to its exclusive Preferred Provider programme.

The programme enhances the relationship between the two parties in order to deliver the absolute best service to its clients.

The Preferred Provider Review initiative not only identifies top performing interfaces but also provides IT partners with the potential opportunity to participate in new business ventures.

The group recognizes exceptional interfaces that can be recommended to prospective hotel partners.

STAAH’s  Founder and Technical Director, Gavin Jeddo said, “Recognition by through their new Preferred supplier programme endorses the emphasis STAAH places on technical integration and performance excellence. 

“It’s fabulous STAAH has met the Preferred Provider Criteria and further demonstrates our commitment to our customers and our integration partners alike.“

The Preferred Provider group aims to enrich business results for,, and for all accommodation providers."

About is quickly emerging as one of the leading providers of price and channel management software for the hospitality industry. The company provides forward-looking solutions developed for hotels and other accommodation providers. maximizes hotel online visibility, improves revenue returns and provides operational efficiencies.

For more information please visit or contact or visit us on Facebook at STAAH- Internet Distribution Services 

About is one of the leading online reservation websites committed to giving travellers cost-effective access to a wide selection of properties. With over 2.8 million room night bookings per week, is one of the largest global reservation websites. offers guests a collection of over 300,000 properties in 185 countries. For more information please visit registration link, where you can submit your registration in only few minutes. says bookings through mobile devices rocket.

July 29, 2013

Almeira's John King said, "We have long recognised the importance of mobile devices, this evidence backs up that view." Read more about how mobile booking tripled to 3 billion here

This matters to Holiday Parks as now accepts park listings. Almeira is connected into as part of our channel manager service. Contact us to discuss how to grow your bookings FAST.

Almeira's John King said, "We have long recognised the importa...

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How to increase occupancy on demand?

July 26, 2013

Every business has weeks when the occupancy just isn't high enough. And your accountant will tell you that, when occupancy is low, there is no point in worrying about margin; but cutting the price may not be the magic pill you need. Here's a simple proven technique that puts guests in your beds.
Use it carefully as directed find out how click on the pill

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Facebook Graph Search Does it Matter?

July 15, 2013
You bet, this is a need to know piece of information. Let me start by explaining what it is.

Facebook Graph will change the way guests find your business

87% of online users say that Social Media recommendations impact accommodation choice. Facebook's Graph Search, which is in Beta, will be rolled out to all Facebook users soon.
This allows users to search for people, places, and things, based on various Facebook connections such as location, interests, places friends have visited, and more.


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New Customer Support Portal launched

February 3, 2013
Monday February 4th sees the launch of Almeira's new "self service" customer support portal. All customers have received personal invitations inviting them to register for the service which will enable them to log requests online, as well as to review their previously submitted requests and solutions.

The portal will also provide a knowledge bank which will allow customers to search through an ever expanding database of useful articles, tips and answers to frequently asked questions.

According ...
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Does 4G matter to your hotel or holiday park

January 30, 2013
You've probably heard of it, but what is 4G? 
In short, it's the name given to the fourth generation of mobile networks, just as the previous generation is called 3G. 4G aims to offer users faster, more reliable mobile broadband internet for devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops.
Loosely speaking, 4G is around five times faster than existing 3G services.

What does this mean in practice? The faster speeds mean websites load quicker, and that you'll be able to stream videos and podcasts...

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Social media and guest satisfaction increases profits.

January 14, 2013

I wrote recently about TripAdvisor secrets which, although referring to hotels, has much to teach us in the park industry.

A new report has empirical evidence linking guest satisfaction and profits. Social media has been touted as having an increasingly important role in many aspects of the hospitality industry, including guest satisfaction and process improvement. However, one of the more intriguing aspects of social media is the potential to move markets by driving consumers’ purchasing ...

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QR Codes -Who needs them?

January 4, 2013


Tag barcodes, QR Codes, can connect customers from your offline marketing materials to information, entertainment, and interactive experiences on their smartphones. These mobile interactions let people engage with your product and identify with your brand the moment they encounter your message. When people see advertisements in newspapers, magazines, or signage, they often ignore them. But with a QR code, many people become interested in what other information it l...

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TripAdvisor releases some secrets

December 5, 2012
The study conducted by looking at North American hotels, TripAdvisor claims, shows a link between hotels with a “greater number of reviews, photos and videos” and a notable increase in interaction with their respective pages.

Of course, there is an ulterior motive for releasing the data – TripAdvisor wants hoteliers to use the site more – but there are some interesting trends which it has pulled out.

A small increase in the number of reviews attracts more attention from travellers – p...

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You have just 8 seconds to get someones attention

November 30, 2012

It is a fact that visitors to websites look to video rather than text for information. It’s easier to watch than read, and you can communicate more effectively.

Video on a website increases business, with just seconds to grab your web visitors attention, video WORKS, encouraging visitors to click and watch, that’s real engagement that leads to more bookings. Our video services use TV industry professional production staff and facilities. 

Video is fantastic value
Production is supported ...
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