With TrafficMate you can keep all the revenue you make
 or take advantage of one of our revenue share options

Revenue Sharing 

We recognise that each customer situation are individual so we have structured TrafficMate pricing to allow for different needs. Depending on your circumstances you take take all the revenue generated by the system or revenue share to reduce your installations costs. Whichever way you choose you gets great deal with TrafficMate.

Specialist applications

TrafficMate is available in many forms depending on your needs. Whether a large hotel needing high data throughput, a caravan park with a large area to cover or student accommodation. With a range of charging methods from vouchers through on-line payments TrafficMate is flexible.

Flexible Charging

TrafficMate lets your configure your customers charge anyway you want, give a little away free and charge for more. Or charge to a user account and set tariffs for different users it’s all possible. But don’t think this is complicated its not. Just a few clicks sets the tariffs or use our pre-programmed suggested rates.

What's right for you?

We know that budgets these days are under pressure and with TrafficMate you get a set up that just right for you – whatever your size. TrafficMate is scaleable and can be expanded at any time as your business demands.