Why TrafficMate?

With the increasing use of laptops, tablets and iphones access to the internet is essential.  WIFI increases your business and provides a valuable customer service. TrafficMate is a reliable and easy to implement service that can generate significant revenue for your business.
Our Piracy control system will keep your business safe and with our low cost monthly rental you’ll be making money month after month.

What we do

We offer a scalable solution that lets you to offer safe and convenient internet access to your customers around the Marina complex and onboard. 
Whether you want to offer free or chargeable Internet service TrafficMate gives you control over how to charge.

What's right for you

We know that budgets these days are under pressure and with TrafficMate you get a set up that just right for you – whatever your size. TrafficMate is scaleable and can be expanded at any time as your business demands. Our unique ‘plug and play’ approach means you can install the system yourself or if you prefer to we can do it for you, especially for larger more complex systems.

Flexible Approach

TrafficMate can supply internet access to the right number of WiFi Access Points around your site, this includes wireless links to remote part of the Marina so you don't need to lay expensive cabling to cover long distances.