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Our top tips for better images

Point of view

Selecting the best point of view is very important. The place where the image is captured enables the viewer to see the boundaries of the internal structure.  Beware being too high in the bedroom as the bed surface can dominate the image

Verticals & horizontals

Make sure the vertical lines in the picture look exactly vertical and horizontal lines in the picture look exactly horizontal. The reason being that the human eye never sees tilted verticals or horizontals  


Use appropriate foreground elements to create the sense of depth. Foreground elements should be very much in focus.  

Props& Organisation

Adding props can make the picture look more interesting. Organise the space to get the desired feeling - tell a story

Visual overlaps

Avoid visual overlaps in the picture. Less visual overlaps means a neat clean picture. Move the furniture/props to avoid overlaps.


All professional interior photographers know that nobody has a hand that’s as steady as a sturdy tripod

Images of bathrooms increase booking by 25%+

More than 7 images increases bookings by 12%+

Good images increase your room rate by up to £25

Adopting best practice (overall) can increase booking by 80%+

Ideally use a professional photographer

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