Wireless Network RF and Site Survey - WLAN

Wireless Network Survey

You can't under estimate the importance of a wireless site survey when it comes to properly implementing a wireless network. To many wireless networks simply do not work as intended or under perform, so that conducting a professional survey will save your company both time and money.

We use the latest industry tools and techniques to map out the RF coverage of your intended area and provide you with detailed documentation on all aspects of the survey. Only with a professional wireless survey can you design a fully scalable and secure wireless network for your business.

Our site surveys include the following:

Access Point Surveys:

  • Detection, measure and recording of the presence of RF Interference that could degrade the performance of a wireless network.
  • Calculate the supported data rates that can be expected throughout the site/premises.
  • Location of wireless Access Points, Bridges, Antenna's and other wireless equipment.
  • Co-location of access points with channel selection and reuse.
  • Antenna selection, orientation and polarisation.
  • Look for signs of, reflection, refraction, multipath, hidden notes, dead spots etc.

Wireless Bridge Surveys:

  • Bridge link calculation - Link Budget.
  • Calculation of the fresnel Zone.
  • System operating margin.
  • Antenna selection, orientation and polarisation.

We can survey anywhere

Our software and techniques can be used in any environment and supports all Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n) networks.

We can quickly and accurately record, visualise, optimise and report the performance of your Wireless LAN's (802.11a/b/g/n

We can perform wireless network prediction in mapping out the RF coverage of your site.

Why take the chance of failing with your wireless network before you start. With a professional survey you can ensure that your wireless network works well and it designed in the most cost effective way.

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